6 Google Glass Ideas That Can Transform Your World

google glass ideas

What does the future look like for Google Glass??

Glass can already do a lot. From looking up your local weather report, snapping a photo or video via voice command, or getting directions while on the move, Glass has got you covered. Unfortunately, Glass is getting some grief for voice activation triggering others Glass devices within a close proximity. Maybe a resolve for this would be a voice memory feature? This way your voice can only activate your Glass — this would also help if you were to ever lose your Glass or in cases of theft. Here are a few other ideas we had for the future of Glass..

What if your Glass could:

google glass

Transportation & Location

-guide you when taking a city tour. Glass could place exactly what neighborhood you are in in any city in the world, as well as recognize your mode of transportation. Glass would be able to create an ideal city tour for you whether you are on foot, segway, boat or car!

-advanced GPS with street signs virtually displayed and a lit up driving path for night time driving (1. for night time driving 2. day-time visibility 3. roads that aren’t labeled at any given place)

-drive your car, motorcycle, or plane (a turn of the neck or blink of the eye can turn or break your car.) Popular routes can be remember and sync up with real time traffic lights and regulations.


People, Product & Personal Preference

-facial recognition feature for those “friends” that you run into, but can’t remember their name. This would also help with identifying celebrities..

-price check products before purchase (a.ka.: intuitive product comparison)

-integrate foursquare/yelp/facebook of any and all types of locations that are able to be filtered and displayed according to your settings


Communication & Instruction Manuals

-live sign language translation (glass should be smart enough to recognize hand motion patterns and automatically begin translating)

-live translation (augment reality), tech already exists via iphone apps

-interactive instruction guides/troubleshoot. For example, you open the hood of your car and all the data of what make/model your car is, is instantly recognized and all parts under the hood are labeled for you to point out and ask what each thing is/does. Basically, you would ask Glass where everything is and what you need to do to add more oil and more information/tips of what not to do (a general knowledge base.) Other use cases could be for building ikea furniture, for example. Glass would be able to walk you through exactly what to do and identify what piece/tool you are looking at or what you need and what it looks like.


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  1. June 19, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    Frankly all your wish-listed ideas for Google are no less than a James Bond movie. We are sure company like Google will turn these into realistic innovations soon.

    New point of view by the way.

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