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3 Ideas Featured on the Top 3 Crowdfunding Platforms

Do you have a dream? No, not the kind you get from 8 hours of sleep, a dream dream. Your legacy to leave in this world that people will remember you by. You know, like creating an epic video game, or recording a great music album, or the next social network to take the world by storm? Never more »

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Christopher Ohms for Wine Barrel Concepts

Christopher Ohms, the founder of Wine Barrel Concepts, believes in integrity and quality. Drawing from his sense of curiosity, creativity, and detail, he started Wine Barrel Concepts with the aspiration of giving rise to something lasting. After interviewing Christopher about his Knabe Piano Table currently on sale at ToMo, here is what the innovator himself had to more »

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If I Had A Million Do$$ars: The Best Apartment Buildings Around The World

If you had the option (and the bank account) to live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Location, style, amenities are all important specs one takes into account when hunting for that perfect apartment. Whether you are wanting a beach front space, or rather prefer underground room service, here are a few jaw dropping apartments worth gawking more »

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The 5 Most Unique Airbnb Getaways

Bay Area startup Airbnb set out to convert unused living space of homeowners to hotel-like rentable venues. The outcome was a global network of the most unique living spaces that offer one of a kind experiences. Here are just a few: The Glass Tree House: $500/night (USA) This isn’t your traditional tree house with just more »

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Top 5 Extravagant Vacations For Your Special Valentine

 5. Aragawa Restaurant Located in Tokyo’s Shinbashi District, the Aragawa restaurant is perfect for the steak connoisseur. A meal at this steakhouse will put you back $550, with the Kobe Beef being the only entree on the menu. The steak comes from a local ranch and is served ever so simply, with pepper and mustard.   more »

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How to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolutions in 2013

Alcohol, lack of exercise, (combined with poor diet), are all obvious reasons for having an unhealthy lifestyle. However, there are a few other tips and tricks to help you keep the weight off and energy up this year. Breakfast- Do it. Try to get more of your food early in the day and less at more »

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open living

5 Mod Home Design Tips for Tomorrow

Floating Stairs Minimal design style is what you will see in the new year in terms of home and office design. A perfect example of this are these floating stairs. Instead of bulky, closed off walkways, these light and airy steps keep your space open and inviting. Wood & Stone Natural home decor is welcomed more »

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Carbon Fiber Ski

8 High-tech Ski Gadgets Worth Lusting Over

A slew of high-tech slope-style gadgets that will give your ski vacation a James Bond effect: LG 3G Touch Watch Phone: Video Call @ 6,000 Feet A 3G watchphone for video calls is perfect when carving up the pistes. Decide to take a ride off the beaten path? Simply pull up your sleeve and and more »

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