Designs that Glow – Literally.

Was it a mere coincidence iconic helpers such as Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, Zelda’s Navi, and Halo’s Cortana each gave off a faint luminescence  Humans associate fantasy with designs that glow, so it’s no wonder that the combination of industrial handiwork and ambient radiance brings out the awe in people. Here are a few of our favorite items that light up their surroundings in style:

KibardinDesign Clock

KibardinDesign Clock (Designs That Glow)

KibardinDesign Clock (Designs That Glow)Inspired by the desire to create a clock that shows the time and time only – without faces, borders, or backgrounds – Russian designer Vadim Kibardin founded KibardinDesign Studio and immediately took to reinventing the digital clock with this White on White masterpiece. His unique approach utilized individual LED implants as pixels and even included an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness levels depending on the time of day. When simplicity and function meet, great design happens.

d°light Huggable Pillow

dlight huggable pillow (Designs That Glow)Designer Diana Lin started her design firm to accomplish one thing: make people happier. The Huggable series was specially crafted to achieve just this by leveraging the comfort of both a warm glow and a soft cushion. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Huggable serves as a fantastic conversation piece while also potentially serving a more functional purpose as a sunlight alternative (scientifically proven to make depressed people happier). Either way, this design is sure to bring a cheery glow to any space it is introduced to.

Boon Glo Night Balls

Boon Glo Nightlight (Designs That Glow) Boon Glo Nightlight (Designs That Glow)Most of us can probably attest the importance of the nightlight to any monster-fearing child. While they weren’t always the coolest-looking devices, nightlights always got the job done.

Boon, a design firm hellbent on making parenting easier, decided to take the nightlight concept one step further by infusing some modern design flare: each of the three balls charges wirelessly via its own pod arranged in a plant-like trio. Every spherical night light can be taken from their resting spots and into bed. If that weren’t enough, each Glo night ball is programmed to dim 30 minutes after removal from its charging stations, creating a sufficient window of security while the wielder gets lulled to sleep.

Smart & Green Portable Lighting

Smart & Green Portable Lighting (Designs That Glow) Smart & Green Portable Lighting (Designs That Glow) Smart & Green Portable Lighting (Designs That Glow)Smart & Green takes pride in its eco-friendly approach to modern lighting but pulls no stops in flexing its deceptively complex industrial design. Each lamp/furniture piece features a warm, uniform glow powered by a patented rechargeable bulb system, fully encased in a fully recyclable, nearly indestructible, entirely waterproof matte shell. Whether utilized to accent the backyard or sex up the living room, Smart & Green lighting solutions bring a unique glow to any space.

Tekno Black Light Bubbles

Tekno Black Light Bubbles (Designs That Glow)

Tekno Black Light Bubbles (Designs That Glow)While not technically true emitters of light, these bubbles appear to glow when blown under black light. Party accessory designer Tekno Bubbles infused its specially formulated bubble solution with patented compounds that emit visible light after absorbing energy from invisible UV rays: a simple concept on paper, but a beautiful one in execution. So if you think you’ve outgrown bubbles, think again.

Estiluz Balloon Lamp

Estiluz Balloon Lamp (Designs That Glow)

Estiluz Balloon Lamp (Designs That Glow)

Like something out of a fairytale, this balloon lamp is a set of designers’ a refreshingly whimsical take on the traditional wall/ceiling lamp. Spanish design firm Estiluz specializes in making beautiful, functional light fixtures and came up with this design after being inspired by children on the street wielding their beacons of joy. The “string” of the balloons create the illusion of a floating, glowing balloon while doubling as functional switches. But the best part? These balloons can’t be popped.

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