8 High-tech Ski Gadgets Worth Lusting Over

A slew of high-tech slope-style gadgets that will give your ski vacation a James Bond effect:

LG 3G Touch Watch Phone: Video Call @ 6,000 Feet

Video Call Watch

Touch Watch Phone

A 3G watchphone for video calls is perfect when carving up the pistes. Decide to take a ride off the beaten path? Simply pull up your sleeve and and have a quick real-time video conference with your friend on Lift 4. Meet up at the Java Hut at the base of the mountain in no time. Your days of trailing your friends by a run all day are over. With this innovative LG Watch, you get much more than just the time..


Contour2: Videotape Your Epic Ride

The most coveted features from the ContourROAM and the original Contour+ were used to create a camera that is not only easier to use, but brings an entirely new perspective to your adventures. Share beautiful 1080p HD video with speed, distance and elevation across the social networks you use most. Strap this versatile camera onto your ski helmet or backpack and enjoy bragging about your epic run while watching the recap with friends and family.


 Thirsty??: The Gentleman’s Ski Pole

Ski Pole/Flask

Need a pick me up mid-run? We understand, skiing can be a thirsty sport. Your extra large ski jacket may have many pockets to carry some quintessential quenching quaff, but it’s already full with goggles, sunglasses, handwarmers, cell phone, MP3 player, headphones and that amusingly-shaped stick you found when you went off-trail, so there’s no room for a bottle. Not even a flask. Fret no more — The Gentleman’s Ski Pole puts your handy ski utensile to good use, with its multi-purpose functionality. Fill your pole with your favorite beverage and get your liquor blanket on!


GPS Ski Goggles: Navigate Your Run

GPS GogglesNavigate the mountain with these GPS Ski Goggles. Trying to get to the back bowls before 4? Recon has constructed the next best thing in ski and snowboard innovation for the true snow bunny.  Besides its instant navigation and speed direct-to-eye from on board GPS, this sleek design is able to track your airtime from jump distance and drop with 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro, as well as connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy. A new way of viewing the mountain..

Audi Carbon Fiber Skis: Carve Like Never Before

Carbon Fiber Ski

This seasons crave, (er carve) is this innovative and speedy Audi Carbon Fiber Ski. From aerospace to motorbikes, carbon fiber is used for all things fast. It was only a matter of time before The German engineered geniuses put two and two together. The ultra-lightweight ski has received an uproar of praise for its premium performance already this season.


Tunebug Shake SurfaceSound Speaker: The Perfect Playlist

helmet speaker

Shock proof helmet speaker

The Tunebug Shake SurfaceSound Speaker is a new, safer way to listen to music on your bike, snowboard or skate, without dangerously isolating yourself from others and your environment. Conveniently installed on your helmet, The Tunebug Shake can be connected to any iPods, MP3 players or mobile phones. Check out the video here. The next generation in creating an epic slope-style playlist.


Find Your Friends: On the Mountain

Ski App

Ski App

You ride. You miss a call from a friend who just got on the lift. You return that call when you get to the lift. Your call goes unanswered because your friend is now riding. And so on, and so forth.. Find My Friends fixes all that. Try it out. Get your crew to download the app and have them all agree to share their location data. You’ll be able to track their movements and strategically time your meet-ups (or avoid slow-pokes you don’t want to ride with). You can also set up location-based alerts, so you’ll know exactly when somebody calls it a day and heads to the bar.

Float: Avalanche Airbag Backpack

Avalanche Airbag

Avalanche Airbag

The bigger you go, the bigger the risks; just ask champion freerider Xavier LaRue, who survived a massive avalanche with the help of his ABS Avalanche Rescue pack. For the ultimate rider who enjoys carving their own path on the mountain, the Avalanche Airbag backpack is the smart thing to do. You are now free to fly down the slopes with piece of mind.

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