Thanksgiving 2012: Gadgets for the Modern Family

Thanksgiving 2012 is almost upon us, people, and times are a-changing. We have a black President, Snooki had a baby and a hurricane just tore up the East Coast. It’s time to modernize your Thanksgiving tradition and that’s where I come in. Here are some pieces for your modern family/ Turkey Day 2.0.

Berti Cheese Knives

Kick off the appetizer portion of the evening with a chic cheese knife set from Berti. With five knives for each of your favorite cheeses, these wooden hand-crafted knives add a modern detail to your plaid table.

If you prefer tortoise shell resin handles, go with this 3 piece set from Berti!

Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer

It’s a robot! It’s a toy! It’s a turkey deep fryer! This divine gift is called the Waring Rotisserie Turkey Fryer and Steamer and for a hefty $475.00 it can be yours. This gadget can cook up to 18 pounds of turkey in an hour (!!!) and it can also crisp wings, fries, onion rings and all your other fried favorites. Fill the steel reservoir with water instead of oil and the fryer transforms into a cavernous steamer, large enough for an indoor clambake. Can you dig it?

Digital Voice Alert Thermometer

This digital voice alert thermometer from Williams-Sonoma is a cook’s dream. The LED touchscreen offers pre-programed settings (from rare to well-done) and the alert probe sensor monitors cooking temperatures, counts cooking times, and automatically recalculates the cooking process if the process is faster or slower than anticipated. Football, anyone?

Mauviel M Heritage 5 Piece Cookware Set

This cookware set is sleek and useful and includes 5 pieces that range from an open skillet to a 2-quart covered saucepan. Each of the pieces is copper and stainless steel with iron handles for cooking with extremely high heat. These are compatible with any heat source and they’re super easy to clean. The skilled chef can making anything from gravy to apple reductions in these contemporary cookware pieces.

Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

The Cirrus Ice Press Kit is for the cocktail connoisseur/ young buck who needs a few drinks to make it through a loooong family dinner. This gadget makes uniform, beautiful spherical ice cubes that melt evenly in your cocktail without diluting your booze. The stainless steel composition of this piece is easy to clean and looks excellent on your bar.

Cirrus Ice Press Kit Carrying Case

Take your cubes on the run with this carrying case. Playing bartender just got easier (and flashier!)

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones provide an aesthetic and useful function: they keep your whiskey and spirits cool without diluting your beverage. They also provide a bad-ass modular detail to your cocktails. Teraform makes a great package of 9 stones with a storage pouch for $18.75. Chill the stones for 4 hours before use.

Modular Canisters

When all that good good eating is done, it’s time for clean up. Thanksgiving always means left overs so pack up your delicious eats with these modular canisters from Container Store. With clean lines and easy function, these are your new best friend.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!





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